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I am mostly self-taught and have basically been an artist for my whole life. My main artist tools are caffeine and Photoshop, my trusty sidekick. I've been using Photoshop daily since 1993 when version 2.5 was new and exciting. I spent quite a few years restoring and enhancing photographs for people, which was quite rewarding, but not very creative. Now I create art simply because it's who I am.


The most important parts of my education have been achieved since I left college and just got on with life.


I never stop learning. Every day, I try to learn new things, either about life itself, or how I can be more creative and expressive. These lessons can come from anywhere. You just have to watch out for them.


I have a passion for science, math and interesting numbers and formulas, and for getting the most enjoyment out of life. But my purpose in life is to spread happiness wherever I can.


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