• Neece

🦄 Hello World! 😊

This is Neece here, the artist behind EcoCycled. I haven't had a blog in over a decade, but I was thinking this might be a good way to tell anyone interested what kinds of designs or ideas I have coming up for EcoCycled or any of my other artistic endeavors.

I would love it if you reply with your own ideas, or thoughts on mine. I think art is best when it's collaborative.

While I have all the requisite social media accounts, I know I've been very neglectful with them. So if you want to see what's going on over here in Neeceland, this might be a good place for it. I'm always interested in the ideas of others, so again, feel free to start a conversation!

(the picture is of my husband Butch and I from my birthday party last year. I know it's blurry but we were laughing and it makes me happy anyway).

🧡 Neece

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